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Melanie Nicholas wrote a great column about POPPY’S TUNES  in the Midland Reporter-Telegram on December 13, 2015.  You can read it at .  She perfectly captures what I intended POPPY’S TUNES to be, for family, not just kids.

The Big Mouth Frog is the main character in an old joke I started telling back in high school.bmf_video_gfxI’ve been stuck with it ever since.  Marcia d. Crowder’s logo captures the image perfectly.  I’ve found out that recording is a hoot.  MudRock Studios in Midland is a state of the art facility and Anthony Nieto is a state of the art engineer.  That’s where POPPY’S TUNES  was recorded.  Here are the liner notes and song blurbs:

Welcome to Poppy’s Tunes!  This may look like a collection of songs to be played for children, but it’s not.  Poppy’s Tunes are meant to be sung by kids, moms, dads, and grandparents, preferably together or to each other.  The ones I wrote and the ones I selected are songs for the car, the trail, the campfire or for bedtime.  If you just stick this disc in the CD player and no one sings along, Poppy will be very disappointed.  Sing with me and I’ll sing with you!Poppy's Tunes

  1. Roly-Poly –

    This was the first song I sang to my children when they were babies. It’s also the first song I sing to my grandchildren. I call it “orientation.” It’s a classic from Bob Wills, written by Fred Rose.

  2. Lola and Bear –

    Lola and Bear were a couple of labs I used to know. Lola was white and Bear was black. Lola was supposedly Bear’s mother. They were inseparable. They had a pretty good life. We should all learn to take it so easy.

  3. Caroline –

    I wrote this when Caroline was just a baby. Ann and I had gone to Galveston to Carolinebabysit her while our son, Christian, and his wife ,Lindsey, went to a wedding. Even though she was barely much more than an infant, when her Grannie Annie would hold her, Caroline would pooch her lips out in a pout and then laugh about it. Her personality came out early. She has a ton of it!

  4. Griffin’s Gonna Getcha –

    Our grandson, Griffin is a hoot. His girl cousins adore him. When I Griffin2first played this song for him, his only comment was, “But I wear nice clothes.” His mind never stops amazing us.

  5. Turn Around – A lot of you remember this one from the old Kodak commercials. I’ve always loved it. You parents will understand. I tried to treat it as a lullaby. It was written by Malvina Reynolds, Harry Belafonte and Alan Greene. I couldn’t count how many artists have covered it over the years, from Perry Como to Nanci Griffith.
  6. Riann’s Cha-Cha –

    Riann2Riann is our oldest granddaughter. Laughing, singing, dancing and twirling are all things she likes to do. I thought I might as well put it to song and a Latin rhythm seemed to fit just right. She makes us laugh a lot.

  7. On the Other Side of the Hill –

    I dedicated this song to our daughter, Katie. I wrote it about the time she was thinking about leaving Austin and coming back to Midland. I have a lot of fun with this one.  When you hear this you’ll understand the CD cover.

  8. Goin’ to the Mailbox –

    What can I say? Sometimes silly, simple things turn into songs.That’s what happened here.It’s just a little ditty with a band and a fiddle.What more do you need?

  9. The Lollipop and the Rainbow –

    This was my first song.It took about thirty minutes.Don’t ask me where it came from, just accept it for what it is and sing along.

  10. Jesus Loves Me –

    I couldn’t do a children’s CD without including this oldie with lyrics straight from the United Methodist hymnal.The message is simple.The tune sticks with you.Chase Peeler’s sax is awesome.

  11. Sally and Yum-Yum –

    Caroline’s best friend is William Byrd.They are both two years old.When William Sallytries to say Caroline, it sounds like “Sally.”When Caroline tries to say William, it sounds like “Yum-Yum.”  Well, being a songwriter, I couldn’t pass that up.Their moms take them everywhere together – the zoo, the arboretum, the spray park and wherever else kids go in Dallas.They make a pretty pair.

  12. Poppy’s Lullaby – This was my second song, written and sung from my heart. It is for all my grandchildren.Thanks for letting me share it with your children and grandchildren.



P.S.:  Now I have to write songs for Samantha and Reese.  Get ready for Poppy’s Tunes II.



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  1. Anne Fields

    Oh Mark, this IS PRICELESS! What preciousness for your children, grandchildren, and all. Knowing you and your heart of all hearts…makes this a “gold record” for ME! You are one talented “Poppy”.


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