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SamanthaWelcome Friends, old and new. I am glad you found this little spot on the WWW. I hope you’ll take the time to browse around and come back often. On these pages you will find my blogs and links to Pecan House Books and Big Mouth Frog Records. There you will be able to read sample chapters from my books and hear a few songs from my CD. For those of you who don’t know me, I spent my early years in Waco and graduated from Belton High School and Texas A&M back in the 70’s. This Central Texas boy married a West Texas girl, Ann Becker, in 1977. We moved to Midland, her hometown, in 1980 when I received my Master’s degree. I went to work for Gulf Oil as aWindow landman and was just happy to have a job. I’ve been a landman ever since. Sometimes with a company and sometimes independently. Our four children grew up in Midland. We now have five grandchildren. I’ve always enjoyed books, words and letters. My writing, until recently, has been for family, friends and church. A couple of years ago, about the time our grandchildren started coming along, my muse took off and I started writing books and songs for children and young people. What you find from browsing these pages are a result of that inspiration. Have fun as you look around, read and listen! Thanks for visiting and, again, come back often.

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  1. Roberta Hyde

    What fun! I’m so happy I stumbled on your site. It feels like I just had a good visit with the Parkers. I need to know where to purchase your record and books. I can add them to a collection of “good” poetry.


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